Customer Raves

Customer Raves

customerRaves“All I can say is what a difference it has been to work on a personal basis with Nelson and his team, versus the big, cold banks and their generic process. I’m never going back there again!

Birch Financial has been my business partner since we started the business over ten years ago. Since that time they have probably financed 60-75% of our vehicles. Why are they so different? Why do I swear by them? In short, they ‘get’ the landscape business. Their whole business is geared toward helping small to medium sized owners in the California landscape industry. That’s why they have a much better understanding of the business. Short and simple…but there’s more…

I would say there were three key benefits to working with Birch

  1. You get the personal touch: work directly, owner to owner.
  2. They’re ultra competitive: their rates are better and they formulate the deal to work with your budget.
  3. They make it easy to do business: no fuss, no muss, the way you dreamed it could be.

Our place has been robbed twice and all our equipment stolen. One of those times was when my wife and I were away on an Alaskan cruise. I was so worried about the future of my business that I called Nelson direct from somewhere off the coast of Alaska and informed him of the unfortunate news. Nelson told me to enjoy my time away with my wife and he would look after everything when we got back, refinancing all of our equipment again.

I believe that is what you would call a “Business Partner.” And I’m proud to call him such!

If you’re wondering whether to do business with Birch, don’t waste your time…call me and I’ll give you a personal reference to one of the best companies a member of the green industry will ever find!”

Joe Hamby
Las Flores Landscape, Inc
2336 N. Batavia St., Orange, CA 92865
Telephone: (714) 282-0130 / Fax (714) 282-0140

Established for ten years, Las Flores Landscape specializes in providing complete landscape maintenance services to Homeowner Associations, Business Parks, and Apartment Complexes throughout Southern California. Go to for more information.